About Jane

Jane is an American-born artist of Florentine heritage, who has studied with some of the country’s leading artists including E.R. Kinstler and Nelson Shanks, and Charlotte Wharton, among others.

She has been painting all of her life. She was an art major at Regis College and later received a full tuition grant to the San Francisco Academy of Art College. She also studied at the School for Visual Arts in NYC, and went on to independent study with senior faculty, maintaining her own loft studio on the East River, Long Island City, NY. Returning to Haverhill MA, she established one of the first loft studios in an old mill building in the 1980’s. There she started a huge double portrait of newly-elected President and Mrs. Hilary Clinton that was considered for acquisition by the National Portrait Gallery, and is still in consideration for other sites.

Her one-woman shows at Naimo Gallery, and most recently at the Preston Cutler Gallery, Hamilton, MA were widely acclaimed. She shows at the Marblehead and Cambridge Art Societies, the Boston Athenaeum, and her private studio in Salem, MA. Her works are in many distinguished private collections across the country.

While maintaining her oil portrait commissions of people and animals, Jane also does luminous landscapes with glowing skies or water. She explains the duality: “the goal in painting flesh well is to capture its translucence. I achieve this by using many thin layers and glazes; similarly, creating luminous skies and water requires the same subtle technique. I am drawn to celestial beauty, it can be as complex as a great face.”